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…Tip Of The Week…

Water is a very essential tool that is needed to help someone when it comes to losing weight!

First off…if you feel thirsty…you may already be dehydrated!!

Consuming water should be added to your daily routine! How much water do you ask? Well I learned this in school (and also by watching a great episode of Oprah!) Usually your body will tell you when you have had enough water to drink! If you think you have consumed enough water for the day, when you go to the bathroom, your urine should be a pale yellow color.  If it is not, then you need more water!

There are many things that water does to help your body.  Most are very beneficial and also aid you with becoming healthier and losing weight.  Water helps to transport nutrients that you eat throughout your body.  It also helps to remove the unwanted wastes that are stored in your body.  Water also helps by aiding your body so you can have proper bodily functions (so your organs run correctly and etc.) One important thing that water also does is that it keeps you hydrated! Also, a small fact is that if you drink water with your meals, it will allow you to feel fuller faster (water is somewhat of a food suppressor).  I AM NOT SAYING GO ON A WATER DIET! I am suggesting that instead of having coke or a red bull with your lunch, grab a glass of water.  It is a healthier option, and it will allow you to feel fuller and more satisfied at the end of your meal.

If you are not consuming the right amount of water this can actually slow down burning the calories you are wanting to get rid of.  Ensuring that you have adequate water is also important because it is an essential component of your blood.  With out the right blood consistency, this could cause health problems or not allow you to build up the energy needed to partake in your fitness routine (low water in your body = low blood volume = low nutrient supply/oxygen supply = tiredness) .

I know buying cases of water bottles can get expensive over time, so I suggest getting a refillable water bottle! There are some you can fill with your own tap water (or water from the water fountain).  Of there are bottles that you can fill with water and there is a filtration system to help give you filtered water.  I suggest these kind of options because over time I have found that I have personally save more money by investing in a good water bottle as opposed to buying a case of water each month.

Here are some links to some good options of types of water bottles to use (I have personally used the following and I LOVE them):

Click on the pictures to be sent to the makes website.

Here is Life Factory Water bottles (and by far my favorite!)  These are Glass water bottles.  They are dishwasher safe and pretty break resistant.  I have dropped my plenty of times while running/lifting and the silicon covering allows the bottle to somewhat absorb the fall.  You can get them at the web site or find them cheaper on Amazon.com or Drugstore.com.

Here is the “Bobble Bottle”.

here is how you use it…

last but not least you could always buy your own type of water bottle that you like and fill it with…

You can find a PUR water system filter at any major store.  And sometimes if you get lucky you can catch them on sale or get a coupon for them!

Hope these tips help! This is your Infinite Life Fitness Tip of the Week. Enjoy!

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