…Tip of the Week…

This weeks Fitness Junkie tip is how to set goals and keep them.

I am an avid believer that if you have a constant reminder of your goals, you will see them, they will be on your mind, and you are more prone to accomplishing them!

So here is my suggestion…

Whatever goals you have…life goals….fitness goals…write them down (or type them).  Once you have outlined the things you would like to accomplish set a date/time frame you want to get it done in.  After that…place this list on a wall, on a mirror, in your car…put it any place where you will see if everyday.  Put it someplace you will be reminded of what you want to accomplish and what you would like to obtain.  If needed make several copies and place this list of goals where you will see them throughout your day.

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One thought on “…Tip of the Week…

  1. This is an awesome tip:) I am going to write some goals and put them on the refridge for when I am tempted to eat out of boredom:)

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