Fitness Junkies

Since I started incorporating fitness into my regular life routine,  I have met people along the way who have felt the same passion I have about leading a healthy lifestyle.  I would like to call these people, and also my friends, Fitness Junkies.

Now, I am not using “junkies” in a negative way.  I am using Junkie in the way it is described in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

“A person who derives inordinate pleasure from or who is dependant on something”

I would have to say that I NEED fitness in my life.  I am dependant on it to help me live and maintain a higher level of physical health and energy, and to feel better about my life.  And I honestly will admit that I do get “inordinate pleasure” working out.  There is no better feeling knowing that I have accomplished a physical fitness goal that I set for myself.  I have decided to dedicate my free time and help to my fellow Fitness Junkies of the real world and virtual world.   I want to inspire and motivate people who need that little extra support to live and maintain a better lifestyle.


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